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IGCAA - Industrial Gas Consumers Association of Alberta

Adding Value in Alberta Using Natural Gas


We are a not-for-profit association of Alberta's large industrial natural gas users whose primary purpose is to be a discussion forum for developing positions and formulating representations related to gas supply and transportation in Alberta, that are aligned with our vision of SUSTAINABLE, COST EFFECTIVE GAS SUPPLY FOR ALBERTA.

What We Do

  • Maximize collaboration within the IGCAA group
  • Seek new members with similar alignment and interests
  • Find allies that can support IGCAA’s agenda and share regulatory costs & effort
  • Provide a united voice for Alberta industrial gas consumers through advocacy around key positions
  • Promote understanding and awareness of IGCAA members’ provincial value-add capacity and how this contribution can be sustained and grown
  • Engaged IGCAA profile & advocacy with government and the energy industry is core

Our Vision


We achieve this by promoting...

  • A well functioning gas market
  • An ample resource base
  • Fair and reasonable transportation costs
We add value through...
  • A local market for approximately 2.0 Bcf/day
  • Contributes $3.1 billion (2014) to Alberta Government revenue
  • Upgrading results in goods worth 5 - 10 times input gas costs
  • Direct employment of more than 16,600 (2014) Albertans in highly skilled jobs
  • Direct annual payroll > $2.7 billion (2014)
  • Indirect and induced employment of about 30,000 persons
  • Over $60 billion of capital investment plus sustaining capital

Our History

  • Formed in 1988
  • Currently comprised of 10 member companies - large industrials which add value to the Alberta economy and collectively consume approximately 2.0 Bcf/day of natural gas in Alberta
  • Requires a minimum of 10,000,000 cubic metres of gas consumed (either as fuel or feedstock) per year to be a member

Executive Director

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Mark Thomas, P. Eng.

The IGCAA Board of Directors appointed Mark Thomas as its Executive Director on August 1, 2014.

Mark is the chief representative and spokesperson for the Association of Alberta's largest industrial natural gas consuming companies, who collectively use approximately 2.0 billion cubic feet of natural gas daily; upgrading resources, providing employment and adding value to our economy. He is responsible for advancing the interests of the Association by participating in energy policy development and regulatory activities and processes in provincial and national venues. He proactively establishes and develops productive relationships between the Association and its stakeholders.

Contact IGCAA


Call: (403) 281-0824

Fax: (403) 281-4506


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